Relax in style at the Glen Boutique Hotel’s Luxury Spa. Spoil yourselves with some of South Africa’s finest masseurs, there to help you unwind.


Please note that due to the severe drought in Cape Town, we have closed our indoor jacuzzi, steam room and sauna until further notice.  We thank you for your understanding.

Please note that for outside guests we will require a 50% deposit to secure your booking.

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Our Treatments


The African Touch
Full Body Experience

The treatment begins with your neck and shoulders, dissipating tension and stress through touch and deep tissue. The technique creates a beautiful body experience, aimed to relax, soothe and condition the muscles.

60 minutes – R625      /      90 minutes – R740


 Aromatherapy Massage
Full Body Experience

You may choose from a range of aromatherapy massage oils, which are warmly applied and massaged deeply onto the body. This therapy works on tight muscles and lymph drainage, combating tension in stiff aching bodies. 

60 minutes – R710      /      90 minutes – R770


Hot Stone Massage
Full Body Experience

While providing additional deep tissue pressure, the stones infuse muscles with warmth while breaking up knots of tension. Our chosen massage oil creates a hydrating and protective barrier while infusing the skin.

60 minutes – R770      /      90 minutes – R850


Head to Toe’
Full Body Experience

The combination of scalp conditioning and a light face massage, blends through to a full body scrub and mud mask for your hair. Once the skin is left exfoliated, and the minerals absorb into your scalp, once cleansed you are treated to a full body massage and light reflexology.

120 minutes – R1350


Full Body Exfoliation
Full Body Experience

Our carefully selected products ensure that your skin cells are evenly exfoliated whilst receiving maximum nutrition for new beginnings. The 60 minute exfoliation is followed with a relaxing full body therapeutic massage which will leave you glowing.

120 minutes – R1125

4 Hand2

 4 Hand Massage
Full Body Experience

Experience the wonderful sensation of 4 hands on the body. Therapists simultaneously tend to your body in this unique 60min treatment. Your mind escapes and your body is left to enjoy this maximum sensory experience.
(not available as a couples treatment)

60 minutes – R990      /      90 minutes – R1295


Mud Therapy
Private Experience

A therapist will prepare the finest African mud for you to apply all over your body. The experience takes place in a private room, ideal for two people. The mud will soothe and calm, whilst gentle steam opens your pores to allow the minerals to work their magic. 

30min (solo) – R425    /   45min (couples) – R600


 Balancing Oil & Candle
Full Body Experience

A healing and balancing treatment with focus on the energy centres of the body to relax and restore peace of mind. Purifying the body – oil blends and candle butters calm the skin, relieving stress, tension and soothing the body. A peaceful and rejuvenating experience.

90 minutes – R900


 ‘Wave after Wave’
Full Body Experience

This treatment begins with a warm foot salt ritual, before a full body Aromatherapy massage. Afterwards the therapist will then apply heated herbal balls to your body in a rhythmic motion, echoing the sounds of the ocean and relieving tension throughout your body.

90 minutes – R970


The Heart of Africa
Complete Spa Experience for Two People

Combining the ‘Wave after Wave’ treatment with the Mud Therapy, this unique package allows you both to fully relax and indulge. Couples will enjoy a bottle of Champagne and delicious chocolates – this 3 hour treatment has romance written all over it.

180 minutes – R2450


Some experiences are
simply better shared…

That’s why all our treatments
are available for two people!

Couples Treatments are less 10% on each persons
treatment in a shared room


‘Make your heart the most beautiful thing about you’.

‘Inhale the future, exhale the past’.

Yoga is the key.

Yoga circle

Yoga Experience

What better way to start your morning than sunrise Yoga with Lauren & Hunter. Both passionate and experienced, they will design a personalised, memorable and symbolic session in one of many stunning locations across Cape Town.

60min (solo) – R575

60min (couples) – R690

90min (solo) – R775

90min (couples) – R890